At Kestrel Bird Control, we provide versatile and proven methods for pest bird proofing. Professional advice is essential for identifying pest birds and the most suitable preventative method.

Anti-perch Birdpoint Spikes

Anti-perch Birdpoint spikes are a non-harmful deterrent. The small, thin spikes prevent birds such as pigeons, starlings and gulls from roosting in and around your commercial property - in gutters, pipes, window sills, ledges, TV aerials, signs, chimney stacks and roofs. Preventing these pest birds from roosting is an effective way of avoiding the damage caused and contamination created by these birds.

Spring Wire System

Spring wire systems, also known as bird wire, is installed to building window sills and cornices to prevent pest birds, such as feral pigeons and gulls from roosting, nesting and perching. This system, subtle in appearance, is commonly used on commercial buildings and is designed to withstand light to medium pressure infestations.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is commonly used to prevent pest birds from perching, roosting or nesting on commercial structures. Netting can be used in almost any situation; from a small lightwell to a large plant area covering an entire roof. Once installed, the birds are excluded from the designated area and remain unharmed by the purpose- designed netting.

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